Advocacy -- Internet Resources

Fall 2000

For Students

The following web sites, recommended by subscribers to the NLA List described below, are good sources of information about voting, current candidates and issues:

World's Smallest Political Quiz web page

produced by League of Women Voters

developed by Western LINCS with adult learner involvement for California voters

compares all the presidential candidates' stances on issues

There are also scores of sites devoted to civic participation and social justice issues, which David Rosen has summarized in the Webliography in the Resources section of Civic Participation and Community Action Sourcebook: A Resource for Adult Education, Andy Nash, ed., New England Literacy Resource Center, 1999.


For Literacy Advocates

NLA List

The National Literacy Advocacy List is genially moderated by Massachusetts' own David J. Rosen and is subscribed to by hundreds of literacy advocates, administrators, learners, practitioners and government officials. It is your single best source of literacy advocacy information and ideas.
If you have never before subscribed to an electronic list, allow yourself about a week to get used to managing a full mailbox each morning. It takes a few days to develop a routine of quickly scanning the messages, deleting those which are only agreements to what has been said, and choosing which ones to reply to yourself. Save only those messages of immediate use to you.

NLA messages are archived on NIFL LINCS at:

To subscribe to the NLA list, go to the info page at:

Scroll down to the subscription section, enter your email address, and click "Subscribe".

You will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription.

To unsubscribe, enter your your email in the "Unsubscribe" section at the bottom of the page and click "Unsubscribe".



Legislative page of the Massachusetts state website

Writing Federal Legislators

Independent Sector

Many advocacy projects, especially those involving adult learners, are eligible for grants. If you search large foundation Web sites, try key words like ADVOCACY, VOTER PARTICIPATION and GRASS ROOTS.