accent reduction

This comprehensive course helps ESL students to practice their English pronunciation skills through worksheets that focus on the basics of vowel and consonant sounds, intonation in speaking, contexual word recognintion, and other components of proper speech and usage of the English language.

The course consists of more than 40 worksheets and several audio files that can be presented to an ESL class over the span of three months, or used for individual self-study.

Course outline:

Daily warm-up routine
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Warming the facial muscles
  • Warming the vocal chords
  • Practicing short and long vowel sounds
[class handout Intro-1]
Why English is so difficult to learn
  • Its history
  • Its size
  • Its inclusive nature
  • The poor speech habits of its native speakers
[class handouts Intro-2, Intro-3, and Intro-4]
The English Alphabet
  • Letters (consonants, vowels)
  • Sounds
    • consonants
    • consonant blends
    • consonant digraphs
    • short vowels
    • long vowels
    • vowel digraphs
    • r-controlled vowels
    • complex vowel sounds
[class handout Intro-5]
Phonetic symbols
American Heritage Dictionary
International Phonetic Alphabet
[class handout Intro-6]
Syllables [class handout Intro-7]
Rules about silent consonants [class handout Intro-8]
Word types
Short words
Compound words
Root plus prefix and/or suffix
[class handout Intro-9 and Intro-10]
Parts of speech [class handout Intro-11]
Overview of the basic units
  • Consonants
  • Vowels
  • Intonation
  • Word stress
  • Sentence stress
  • Rhythm
  • Linking and blending
[class handout Intro-12]
Slow down, open wide, and use your body [class handout Intro-13]
Internet and other resources [class handout Intro-14]
Accent Reduction Exercises

Daily warm-ups plus long and short vowel drill
Sound exercises
Silent consonant exercises
Minimal pair exercises
Intonation exercises
Word stress exercises
Sentence stress exercises
Rhythm exercises
Linking and blending exercises
Homophone exercises
Heteronym exercises
Medical/science terminology exercises
Miscellaneous exercises (songs, poems, and tongue twisters)

[class handout series Sounds-1 through Sounds-x]
[class handout series SC-1 through SC-x]
[class handout series MP-1 through MP-x]
[class handout series Int-1 through Int-x]
[class handout series WS-1 through WS-x]
[class handout series SS-1 through SS-x]
[class handout series Rhy-1 through Rhy-x]
[class handout series L&B-1 through L&B-x]
[class handout series Hmph-1 through Hmph-16]
[class handout series Htrnm-1 through Htrnm-x]
[class handout series Med/Sci-1 through Med/Sci-x]
[class handout series Misc-1 through Misc-x]

Course samples:

Heteronymns 1
Minimal Pairs 1
Sounds 5
Word Stress 1