About Us

Pat Fina, site content provider, teaches adult education during the week and has won numerous awards for her development of ABE curriculum and transition to college programs. Claire Palmer, site designer and webmaster, is a database consulant and currently pursuing a masters degree in Geographic Information Systems.

About the Site

In its current version, TeacherPat is primarily a site for Pat’s students. One of her 2001-2002 classes is a math course for people who have a high school diploma or GED but who need to review before enrolling in college. The entire college prep program at her adult education center emphasizes computer and college survival skills as well as academic review, so Pat has put her math students’ assignments on the Web. This allows her students to get rudimentary distance learning skills as well as to work on math lessons at their own pace. In addition, the site gives Claire a chance to put into practice what she is learning at her university.

In the coming years, we hope to expand TeacherPat into a solid resource for anyone trying to learn or review subjects normally taught in grade and high school. In essence, we would like the site to give adults the chance to home school themselves (or to supplement their formal studies) in the same way that children are now allowed the freedom of home schooling. Everything that appears on the TeacherPat site is not copyrighted; you are free to download, copy, and distribute it to others. In return, we ask only that if you find errors anywhere on the site, or have suggestions, you let us know so that we can correct them as soon as possible.

We offer these free educational materials on the Internet in the hope that anyone too poor to buy textbooks will find them useful. We do this from deeply held philosophical beliefs that through universal literacy will come peace, and that information wants to be free. Many famous people have noted that race hatred is the worst problem humanity faces. We think that racial prejudice is rooted in ignorance and fear; if you combat the ignorance, you quell the fear, resulting in peace among humans. It’s a simple proposition, but it requires that at least one “pretty good” set of totally free educational materials be out there and available for anyone with the desire to learn. We want TeacherPat to be among those free materials.